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The Crear team specialises in creating the perfect exclusive use, destination, stress free wedding for couples based both in the UK and overseas in our stunning beach wedding venue in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland.

When it comes wedding celebrations, at Crear we believe size matters.

Fewer people can mean a more personal celebration. There's more time for you to spend with your guests, the group really gets to know one another and everyone contributes to the event in his or her own way. Intimate celebrations, it seems, have certain advantages.


We believe its better to cut your guest list in half to maximise your budget so you can still have everything just the way you envision the day than have to compromise on what you can offer your guests with a larger party.

We believe its better to cut your guest list in half to maximise your budget so you can still have everything just the way you envision the day than have to compromise on what you can offer your guests with a larger party.


A small wedding gives you the chance to really go all out.

Keeping things small means that the extra special Alan's signature menu, a six-course feasts for your guests, are suddenly more accessible.

Think boxes of chocolate instead of a single truffle, the best champagne rather than sparkling wines and abundant arrangements of wild blooms by the talented team at Blooming Wild Crear Flowers as far as the eye can see who will will create your perfect bridal flowers with your direction of colours and style.


When the wedding is small, every detail is noticed, so careful attention to detail is called for. We know from our experience at Crear Weddings that smaller is not necessarily synonymous with simpler so why our Small Wedding Packages are perfect, especially when planning everything from afar.

We love working with couples from overseas to help with every detail of the day and the whole team are only a phone call, email or Skype chat away. 


Entertainment might be the best part of having a smaller wedding.

With fewer people on the scene, it's easy to get everyone into the act somehow. Depending on how small the event will be, you can have everyone read a line of a poem or prayer or a special reading at the ceremony, have them stand and encircle you as you exchange your vows, seat them at one big long trestle table at the wedding reception in the Crear studio, or have everyone attend a relaxed informal dinner the evening before at Barnlongart House.


Have you found yourself agonising over the guest list thinking, who is so and so? Not wanting to deal with a sea of unfamiliar faces on their wedding day, some couples decide to limit their lists, agreeing that a smaller celebration can create a more intimate atmosphere.


There are so many creative options at Crear when you're not trying to accommodate hundreds of guests. Along the Crear road the B8024 Barnlongart House accommodates upto twelve guests however with the additional option of Keepers cottage close by, the numbers can increase to eighteen for a house party of family & friends.

Many couples opt to have a relaxed supper the night before at Barnlongart House keeping the interior at Crear a surprise for their wedding day.


Now the hard part. Your families may protest when you ask them to cut down portions of their lists to the lean-and-mean few who really matter. And, of course, you and your partner have to be prepared to do the same. This may mean having to explain to friends who expected to be there why they won't receive an invitation.

There's no easy way to do this, except to be perfectly honest. Tell your friends that you're keeping the event very small and limiting the list, but be prepared for the occasional hurt feelings.


Party on when you return home! This is an option for couples who find themselves guilt-ridden at the thought of cutting guests off their list. If an intimate ceremony is most important, you can create a separate, larger guest list for a reception party after the event when you return home. Just inform your guests of the arrangements. If you want the whole event to be intimate, you might choose to have a large, casual party a month or so after your wedding. Of course, this means paying for another event, but it can be fun to have a bigger crowd gathered in a more relaxed setting - call it a housewarming if you have moved into a new home.

Many couples based in the UK do this on the weekend they return from Crear and take their table flowers by Blooming Wild Crear Flowers to decorate.

For our international bridal couples this is usually scheduled after their honeymoon.


Use the small number of your nearest and dearest to your advantage. Taking over Crear House for your celebrations is the perfect destination wedding for those travelling from around the world to be with you on the day. Stretching the festivities out to two or three days of chilling out & relaxing all adds up to a fabulous destination wedding plus a chance to really spend time with your guests who have travelled from afar to be with you.

Small weddings deserve all the style and personality of a big bash which is why our perfectly formed Small Wedding Package includes everything you would want for your special day while removing any potential stress of organising and co-ordinating from afar.