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Blooming Wild Crear Flowers is a unique onsite floral service which can creatively cater for all your blooming wild ideas. Whatever you want we can create. Nothing is too much trouble for our wonderful florist Agness and her team. If the pooch needs a matching collar to your flower crown or if the whole bridal party need to be matching your family tartan, she can make it happen. We can be as wild as we want and as it is all created on site you don't have to worry about things getting damaged in transit. 

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Buttonholes are a small floral adornment to the day, which will set this special day apart from any other day. Matching buttonholes for your partner are included in the package, but we can also create them for the pooch, the uncle in law or the mothers second husband. There is no limit to the number that you can order. If you want it then we can create it. 

Blooming Wild Crear Flowers will create beautiful bespoke buttonholes on site and we will bring them to you on the morning of the ceremony, ready to be pinned on to brighten up your day.

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We love to work with your ideas to create flower arrangements that reflect who you are & to transform the blank canvas of the Crear studio space to become your very personal wedding space. 

Choosing your flowers is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. But it's not as simple as picking your favourite flowers and requesting them in your wedding colours.

These basics will help you get up to speed so you can talk flowers with us at Crear Flowers and get the look you're after.


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Blooming Wild Crear Flowers can create as many additional bouquets as you require. If grandmother wants a matching bouquet or the bridesmaids all want one they can match the bridal bouquet. The will all be beautifull constructed onsite and delivered with the bridal flowers on the morning of the ceremony. Blooming Wild Crear Flowers are made by Agnes and her team at Crear and will use seasonal blooms and foliage to suit your style and design.

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Depending on the style and look that you are going for we can create wonderful and dramatice flower crowns for you and your bridesmaids. We can do full or half flower crowns to suit your dress, hair and overall look. They can bouncy and beautfil or small and subtle, depending on what you are drawn to. 

Agnes at Blooming Wild Crear Flowers will deliver and adorn you with your floral crown and ensure that not even the Scottish weather will remove it during your wild ceremony.


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These stunning flower arches can be created here at Crear giving the perfect setting against an ideallic backdrop. We have a selection of arches to choose from and then you can pick the style and colours for your flower arch. Agnes from Blooming wild will work with you to make it exactly as you want and it will be an archway that you cherish forever in your memories and in your beautiful wedding photography. All captured stylishly here at Crear.


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As all of our weddings are in a stunning natural setting we encourage biodegradable confetti that won't damage the environment or stay around for too long after the special event. 

Crear can supply beautiful scented fresh or dried rose petal confetti which will not harm the beach or surrounding countryside. Leave no trace just your footprint and some beautiful petals.

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If you were thinking that it might be nice to give a bouquet as an extra special gift for your partner, mother, daughter or any special friend then we can create stunning bouquets for their room which they can take away with them at the end of your stay.

These bouquets will be assembled on site and can match the bridal theme if desired. They will be left in the guest room with a special note.

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"Hiya, it's Agnes here from Blooming Wild Crear Flowers. I will be creating and styling your bridal flowers and will be here every step of the way right up until your big day.  Pinterest boards are a precious tool to give us a visual aid for understanding what your dream wedding will look like. Your personal Crear Weddings board will be set up for you before our first chat allowing you plenty of time to get all your exciting ideas gathered in one place. Please have a look at our Instagram as well and perhaps get inspired by something we have done in the past, or just have a laugh at our expense watching our country life antics and breathtaking views whilst out walking the dog. Please don't hesitate to get it touch if you have any floral questions. I am looking forward to working with you to turn dreams into reality."




Images are way more telling than words which is why we just love seeing your Crear Wedding pinterest board. Finding gorgeous flower inspiration is pure fun, however its easy to get obsessed with images from magazines, pinterest & instragram. It's nearly impossible to re-create an image exactly, so our advice is to  focus less on replicating a photo and instead be open and comfortable with the fact that all your inspiration collected on your Crear Weddings pinterest board is meant to be used as a springboard for a new interpretation.