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Where ever you live in the world, you are welcome to legally marry in Scotland and are not required to be in residence prior to your marriage ceremony. 

Scotland offers you a wide choice of marriage celebrants and ceremonies which are legal & recognised worldwide ​​​​​​ including Civil, Humanist, Pagan, Interfaith, Catholic and Church of Scotland. 

The Registrars conduct Civil Weddings which are non religious.

All other marriages, including Humanist, are classed as religious or belief weddings. 


Enjoy a Wee or Small Wedding parcel for your vow renewal.

All the celebrants local to Crear would be delighted to conduct a ceremony to renew or reaffirm your original marriage vows.


 Your legal marriage paperwork to obtain your Marriage Licence to allow you to marry, must be submitted by post to the Registrar who is local to Crear in Lochgilphead, up to three months and no less than 29 days prior to your marriage ceremony, regardless of who is conducting your marriage ceremony. 

The registrar will issue your Marriage Schedule to you seven days before your marriage.

The Marriage Schedule must be collected, in person, by one of the parties of the marriage.

After your ceremony you must return the signed schedule to the registrar within three days so that the marriage can be registered.

You are not required to register your intended marriage with the registrar in your place of residence.

Click here for guidance notes


A Marriage Visa stating purpose of visit, may be required to enter the UK for non-EU passport holders.

Your Marriage Visa will also be required to be submitted along with your Notice of Marriage legal paperwork three months and no later than 29 days prior to your wedding day.

Please ensure you allow sufficient time for this to be processed. Alternatively, you can complete the legal marriage in your home country and travel to Scotland on a tourist visa to have a symbolic ceremony.

For some nationalities, a certificate from your home country that you are free to marry may be required.

visit the Government website 


Get in touch with the registrar as early as possible if you cannot get any of these documents. You may be able to use other documents.

  • your birth certificate
  • evidence of where you live, for example a bank statement with your address
  • your divorce certificate if you or your partner were previously married
  • your dissolution certificate if you or your partner were previously in a civil partnership
  • a death certificate if a previous spouse (husband or wife) or civil partner has died
  • your passport or another document that provides evidence of your nationality
  • your certificate that you are free to marry under the law of your own country if you don't live in the UK

    visit the National Records of Scotland to download forms



All the celebrants will perform a symbolic marriage ceremony or blessing.

If you don't hold a UK passport it may be necessary for you to apply for a marriage visa as purpose of visit when entering the country. Alternatively, you can complete the legal marriage in your home country and travel to Scotland on a tourist visa to have a symbolic ceremony.

Many couples opt to marry officially in their country of origin and elope to Crear for their wedding ceremony that may include a traditional Scottish hand fasting.

In these circumstances you can travel and enter the UK on a tourist visa and you are not required to obtain the Notice of Marriage.


A civil ceremony is a marriage without any religious context, performed by a registrar. The ceremony is legally binding. 

All the registrar's local to Crear would be delighted for you to personalise your marriage ceremony. 


Civil and Humanist Weddings allow you to write your own marrige vows that have meaning and significance to you both. 

Make your promise to each other totally unique. You can personalise your ceremony with poems and readings, music and songs.


The local ministers would be delighted to marry you outside in the Great Highland Cathedral or inside their churches.

Divorcées from all Christian denominations are free to remarry in the Church of Scotland. 

Same-sex couples can marry in the Scottish Episcopal Church. 

Catholics getting remarried in a Civil or Church of Scotland ceremony may welcome Father Knop to give their marriage a Catholic blessing.

Catholics are also welcome to marry in St Margarets Catholic Church in Lochgilphead. You would still be required to complete your Wedding Instruction with your local Catholic Priest.


Humanism is a non-religious philosophy, based on liberal human values.

We believe that marriage and civil partnerships are based on mutual love and respect.  We also know that every couple is different and that is why our ceremonies are unique and personal. Humanist Weddings and Civil Partnerships can take place indoors or outdoors, they can be simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary.  They usually include readings, music and an exchange of rings but can also include symbolic gestures, like hand fasting.

Humanist celebrants can conduct legally binding marriage ceremonies in Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Norway, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and some states in the USA. Your Crear Humanist Wedding is legally recognised worldwide.

We can recommend some amazing local Humanist celebrants.

 Scottish Humanist Society


Interfaith Celebrants are licenced by the Registrar General in Scotland to conduct legal marriage ceremonies that are recognised worldwide.

There are several we can suggest to you if that is an option you wish to explore.


Pagans have been able to legally marry in religious ceremonies conducted by Approved Celebrants in Scotland since 2004. The Scottish PF is the only body that can register a Pagan Celebrant.

Any couple – within or outside Scotland - who identify their religious belief as Paganism can be legally married by an Approved Celebrant in Scotland. 

Each ceremony is unique and celebrants work with you to produce the ceremony, where you'd write your own vows.

Scottish Pagan Society



Same-sex marriages can be conducted by the Registrars, the Humanist Society, the Pagan Society and the Scottish Episcopal Church. 

Your marriage in Scotland is legally recognised everywhere in the world. 

If you're travelling from a country where same sex relationships could result in legal prosecution, our local Registrar would be delighted to help with advice regarding your marriage visa applicatoin to enter the UK.

If you're looking to change your Civil Partnership to a Marriage, click the link below for more information.

Change your Civil Partnership to a Marriage


With nearly 200 acres surrounding Caisealrag Cottage and Crear House fully licensed, Wee and Small Wedding parties can decide on the day where to marry.

As with all things Crear, its very relaxed so if you start inside and the sun comes out, everyone can go out. And if your ceremony is held outside and the clouds come over, we simply go back inside.

All the celebrants with the exception of the Catholic Church, would be delighted to marry you anywhere at Crear.

Please put CREAR in your paperwork as location.


Take your vows on a sandy beach or the site of an ancient fort looking out to the Isles of Gigha, Islay and Jura with the Irish Coast on the horizon.

If the weather is unkind the cottage warmed by the woodburning stove is wonderfully romantic for your Wee Wedding.

Your photographer will be able to return for photos outside later in the day.







If you're at Crear House for your Wee or Small wedding, you also have the option of hosting your marriage ceremony inside the original house filled with twinkly fairy lights or the studio with far reaching views to the Paps of Jura.

Outside the studio is the wibbly wobbly wall looking out to the Islay and Jura.


Your marriage ceremony requires two witnesses that must be aged 16 and over.

If Crear are providing your witnesses, please put CREAR when submitting your paperwork to the registrar.


Please consider if you want a religious, belief or civil marriage ceremony prior to contacting the Registrar.

Arrange your marriage ceremony with your celebrant of choice directly.

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If you are having a civil marriage then the registrars will bring the paperwork with them on the day.

If you are having a religious or belief marriage then you are required to collect the paperwork in person during office hours from Lochgilphead. You drive past on your way! 

You return your signed Marriage Licence to the Lochgilphead office and your marriage certificate will be sent in the post.

Your Marriage Licence requires to be signed using an ink fountain pen.