Escape to the West Coast of Scotland to tie the knot

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'We imagined our wedding personal and perfect - thank you - our day was beautiful and true.'

Jon & Rose, Swindon

'What a wonderful day! The piper was superb, the setting was stunning and the food was magnificent! We will have the most amazing memories. Thanks to everyone.'

Stuart & Sacha, Dorset

'To share such an experience with strangers, and to leave holding them in your hearts and souls as we have, is to be truly blessed.'

Michael & Carol, Co Durham

'The perfect setting for the most perfect day! On the beach, with the waves gently lapping on the shore, we took our vows. We will always have these wonderful memories and we will be back again!'

Dave & Jane, Staffordshire

'To share such an experience with strangers, and to leave holding them in your hearts and souls as we have, is to be truly blessed.'

Michael & Carol, Co Durham

'THANK YOU!!! the most fantastic, gorgeous & romantic wedding we've every been to - best things of all ...... it was our wedding!!! Will remember this place forever.'

Lesley & David, Cheshire

'Married on the beach in the mid-day sun with just our nearest & dearest & our 4-legged, furry & very wet bridesmaids! A perfect day - thank you to everyone at Wee Weddings.'

Sarah & Richard, Nottingham

'We spent the first day as husband & wife watching seals on the rocks & enjoying the beautiful views .... amazing!'

Sarah & Richard, Nottingham

'A wee wedding at our own pace, no "STRESS" or anxiety! It is an amazing earthy mystical place. The scenery may overwhelm you, but the wee croft Caisealrag will engulf you & make you feel more than at home!'

Alison & Mark, Durham

'Fantastic 4 days & best location ever! Wedding was superbly organised & catered & beautifully photographed. Many thanks! Heading back to Australia & won't forget this place ever!!'

Chris & Jo, Australia

'We had a lovely wedding and everything was perfect including the weather. A big thank you for not only being our witnesses but also for making our wedding a memorable event and stress free.'

Melvin & Shirley, South Lanarkshire

'We imagined our wedding personal and perfect - thank you - our day was beautiful and true.'

Jon & Rose, Swindon

'We have found our own slice of heaven here. Thank you for making our wedding day the best day ever and for making us feel welcome and special. The food is simply splendid! We have all had the most amazing time.'

Lucy & Simon, Derbyshire

'Welcome to the 'cottage'. We hope your day will be as special, stress-free and sunny as ours was. I never thought wellies and wedding dresses would work, but they do. Many thanks for making it all happen.'

Nicola, Graham & Charlie, London

The Wee Weddings Team at Crear

Amanda will be right in touch when you enquire to answer all your questions & queries & advise on available dates in our diary. Amanda first came to Crear as a bride before joining the team so she has lots of tips to share from her own Crear experience. 

Lizzie is based in our Glasgow office as our Wee Wedding Co-ordinator. She is on hand during office hours to answer any questions or queries you may have. Please let her know when you have finalised all your plans for both your stay and wedding day.

Mel is our Office Manager based in our Glasgow HQ and can be reached during office hours. She will be in touch about your payments and send your final details confirming your day.

Jean, our wee wedding housekeeper and cook, followed her heart to Argyll after an internet romance and held her wedding at Crear. She will be on hand during your entire stay to ensure you have everything you need.

Jean is always a stone throw away should you need any help with your dress or an extra towel. One of her famous welcoming soups will be on the stove for your arrival. To respect your complete privacy, housekeeping is always at your request and where ever possible Jean will wait till you are out and about so not to disturb. Her chickens however are not so discreet & are sure to come and say hello & might just lay you a fresh egg or two.

Alan, is the superb Crear Kitchen chef and the reason none of us are a size 10 anymore! Having cooked for Royalty and Head of States, as well as those considered Royalty in the world of music and sport, he will make you the most delicious mouthwatering desserts for a Wee Wedding Breakfast fit for a king! 

Morna, at Crear Flowers is our fabulous florist and along with her talented team will create your beautiful bouquet & button hole with beautiful blooms.

Bill & Bart, are part of the CREAR photography team and would be delighted to photograph your day. We always suggest if you have family and friends with you that they take some individual portraits of them on the day. Handy for thank you and Christmas presents.

Bart  is also available to make a wonderful Wee Wedding film & we currently have a very special offer at £795.

Iain, our award winning Wee Wedding piper will play for you in full Highland Dress rain or shine - at one of the local churches or down at the beach. Downtown Abbey fans may recognise him!

Kate, had the idea for Wee Weddings - a very special day with a minimum of fuss and laid back atmosphere in a beautiful location where you can bring along a handful of your friends and family (including the four legged kind) for all or part of your stay. She worked as an artist and professional photographer for many years before founding Crear and the arts charity, space to create.

Many, many happy couples have provided the testimonials on this site from cards, emails & our visitors book. All the photographs on this site are copyright CREAR Photography and taken by the talented team. All the flowers are by CREAR flowers.

One wee bit of advice from our experience over the years, if you want to keep your wedding secret tell no one, especially not your children. Just let us know if you would like to have a photo to email all your friends & family the fabulous news on the day. 

We all absolutely want you to have the best possible time during your stay with us & look forward to welcoming you to this very special place. 

We LOVE weddings big, small & very wee. We can host your wonderful wedding for upto a hundred guests (many more with a marquee) or a smaller intimate gathering of family & friends staying as a houseparty or for just the two of you wanting to escape! Get in touch now to find out how we can create your perfect day

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