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Please get in touch using the form below. We would love to post you a Wee Wedding map so please include your address.

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Our Glasgow office is open Monday to Friday when we would be delighted to answer any specific questions relating to your day.

For general enquires please call: 01880 770 369

CREAR office | 27 Woodside Place | Glasgow | G3 7QL

Please contact the registrar during office hours on 01546 604516. 

Please contact your celebrant directly to arrange your marriage ceremony, day & time.


Wee Crear Weddings & Big Crear Weddings

Wee in Scots is an adjective that means little, tiny, minute, mini, undersized, bijou, itsy-bitsy, half-pint & dinky according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The Crear definition of a Wee Wedding is up to six at the entire wedding. 

Crear specialises in gourmet small weddings & big weddings for 100 which are equally relaxed & laid back in style, with an emphasis on the fabulous food by our superstar chef at Crear Kitchen, Alan Boslem.

To find out more please visit Crear Weddings


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